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Treat Your Taste Buds – We Suggest only the Best Food in Haridwar!

Haridwar, apart from being one of the holiest places on Earth, it is also a true foodie’s paradise. From delicious aaloo poori to chatpati papri chaat, this land of Lord Hari has got everything to treat your Taste Buds. Since Haridwar is mostly crowded with tourists and pilgrims throughout the year, it is always best to know beforehand the best eating joints that you must visit on your visit to Haridwar.

At Sethi Legacy, we have been here for more than 100 years now and know exactly the places where you will find the most authentic and delectable food items. Because we believe in a holistic hospitality approach, we present you with our essential food guide where we suggest all sorts of varieties of food and delivery convenience to our guests staying at the hotel.

Essential Food Selection Guide – Suggestions for your diverse choices!

• Authentic Home Cooked Food at our in-House Kitchen

There is a certain category of people who don’t like street food when outside and prefer fresh home-cooked food only. Keeping their choices in mind, we have an in-house kitchen where you are served healthy and fresh homely food like Paranthas and Sandwiches for Breakfast, Ghar ki Daal and special Sabzi for lunch and dinner. We provide in-room services for all the meals! All the meals are prepared by the well-trained kitchen professionals with high quality standards.

• Delicious and Mouth-Watering Street Food Options

Haridwar is lined up with innumerable stalls at every nook and corner of the street, offering toothsome North-Indian delicacies. Being a part of this city for so long, we know the specialities here and where to get that from. From original Mathura Poori wala’s Aloo-Poori to Jain Chaat Bhandar’s Chaat and Kaanji – we suggest you best options to explore in the minimum time. We also have an option to get the food delivered directly to you in the hotel itself!

• Rare Continental Delicacies at your Doorstep

Keeping in view the likings of the foreigners visiting this holy place, Haridwar also has some food-outlets that serve Chinese and Italian food as well. You can visit these outlets and enjoy Pizza, Pasta, Noodles and Manchurian etc. from the famous food joints available in the city. We also have an option to get this continental food delivered to you in the hotel itself so that you can spend maximum time with your loved ones and have to go nowhere!


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